Expanding Marriage to Same-Sex Couples

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Marriage, the comprehensive and exclusive union of two people’s bodies and minds, is a special and important relationship. As Professor Macedo explained, “marriage is very public: Once people know you are married, all sorts of presumptions follow. People know that married spouses have made a special extensive commitment to one another, typically involving sexual fidelity, sharing a household, and caring for one another.” The label of marriage makes it known to others that two people are engaged in a long-term, exclusive relationship and “the commitment of marriage become social expectations and bases for normative judgment.” Regardless of sexual preferences, marriage is something that most people inexplicitly strive towards after entering a committed relationship. Homosexual couples, like their heterosexual counterparts, engage in the same activities, spend time together, share their ups and downs, and jointly decide if they want to spend the rest of their lives together. In the end, the restriction of homosexual couples from marriage does not seem logical and is counterproductive to the basic principles of liberty, democracy, and justice. Therefore, it is crucial that the U.S government extends the recognition of marriage to same sex couples while preserving monogamy as a status of law. By expanding marriage to include same sex couples, society rewrites an injustice, creates a more robust institution of marriage, gives homosexual couples access to benefits associated with marriage, and further promotes egalitarian principles.
Critics of expanding marriage to same sex couples have rallied around the conjugal view to defend the traditional institution of marriage as between one man and one woman. Sherif Girgis, Ryan T. Anderso...

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...ciated with democracy, and also the fair opportunity to pursue the great good of family life.“

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