Existity And On The Nature Of The Universe By Lucretius

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Every individual has a different way of living life, enjoying life, and viewing life. How they live their lives are based on the philosophical idea of existence. There are three texts from Seminar that give insight for the possibilities of existence: Elements by Euclid, On the Nature of the Universe by Lucretius, and Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. In Elements, it explains how one can use reason in order to find the truth of what can exist. This text proves one characteristic of existence, the possible existence. In On the Nature of the Universe, by Lucretius, he discusses matter, space, movements, and the shape of atoms solely from what he could observe. This text shows the physical/actual existence. Meditations is a journal by Marcus Aurelius…show more content…
This characteristic of existence gives objects the ability to affect or cause an event. In On the Nature of the Universe, Lucretius describes objects that couldn’t be seen back then solely through the power of observation. The ideas that Lucretius discusses are now mostly found to be true. For example, “...things are not hemmed in by the pressure of solid bodies in a tight mass. This is because there is vacuity in things” (Lucretius 44). Lucretius discusses the vacuity, by definition is the “intangible and empty space” (44), which exists because if “it did not exist, things could not move at all” (44). For example, if water was solid, nothing would be able to move through it. In fact, we would be affixed to the water and unable to move ― like being trapped in ice ― but because water is not a solid, we are able to move through it and the space that we leave behind after we move, is filled by water. Lucretius was able to gain this knowledge by observing the natural world and determining the reasons why the natural world acts the way it does. Just like the way he speculated the existence “of bodies whose existence you must acknowledge though they cannot be seen” (43). Here, Lucretius is referring to atoms, which are not visible to the naked eye. Even though they are not visible to the eye, he is able to observe physical objects to…show more content…
In the book of Meditations, Marcus Aurelius discusses what he thinks the nature of existence is through past knowledge and reason that he has gained. He states that “things cannot touch the mind” and that “anxieties can only come from your internal judgment” (Aurelius 77). The consciousness allows the recognition of our internal judgment and of the world. To recognize that the “universe is change: life is judgment” (77), one must recognize what happens in the universe, “If one who does not recognize the contents of the universe is a stranger in it … if he shuts the eye of the mind .. and does not possess within him all he needs for life; a tumour on the universe” (80). One must recognize that the universe is doing what it does and that every individual has a nature that they need to be in line with, and if they are not, this causes the universe to break and one to become a “tumour” to the universe. The consciousness is what allows humans to exist. Without a consciousness, we would become mindless dolls. Realizing that life is a judgment of our mind, is how we recognize that we are rational beings, and develop and grow into good and virtuous beings. Such as when, Marcus Aurelius mentions “When someone does you wrong, do not judge things as he interprets them or would like you to interpret them. Just see them as they are, in plain truth” (78). The human mind is what allows us to alter the

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