Existentialism, By Jean Paul Sartre

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In life humans have to make several different choices based on different circumstances, some decisions you make you regret and some you do not. Many kids parent encourage their kids to go to college for a better life but sometimes a child does not always listen to what their parents want, in the end hurting their parent’s feelings. In the Continental Ethics Reader Sartre describes four ways in which the student is forsaken. Focusing on the four different ways hoping to explain how one is forsaken, what does this mean for humanity and whether I agree or disagree with the four different ways. Jean Paul Sartre the writer of Existentialism is a Humanism known as one of the most famous French existentialists. One of the main points of Jean Paul Sartre is the fact that God does not exist a term that can be called nihilism. Due to the fact of his belief he writes Existentialism is a Humanism examining how one is forsaken along with some other ideas. This is to say that the human being exists only insofar as they have chosen to make a choice (Sartre 93). The above quote in my opinion means as a human we are faced with many different choices in life we only exist within those choices. Typically, a whole person life revolves around choices and decisions, hoping to get wherever that person wants in life by the choices that are made wrong choices can set you back but in the end only push you harder to reach your goals. Good choices can make you succeed in life when a good choice is made a human typically feels good about themselves. Good choices are harder to make then bad because a good choice requires a human to lose something important to them or even sometimes gave up things that a human being would typically not. A bad choice you ar... ... middle of paper ... ...liar, stepping out my comfort zone drifting off to attend The University of Alabama in Huntsville and making the finally decision to move to Huntsville for a change. I am also a Christian holding on to the belief that God is real. Typically, my faith helps me to make the best decisions I need to in my life. Faith maybe small as a mustard seed but without faith I cannot tell you where I would be. Faith has allowed me to know that if I believe in myself I will get through many different test and trials. To say that God does not exist is crazy because how in the world would the earth exist. Somebody had to create it not scientist which is just based on research and study. I do agree with Sartre that authority determines lots of decisions that I would make in my life but now that I am older I have to get away from those authorities’ making my own decisions in the end.
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