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The founders of existentialism such as Sartre, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard and Camus exemplify the philosophy of existentialism in their writings because they focus on absurdity in life and lack of definite meaning. Throughout history some people see themselves as just someone who is put on Earth just for “no reason” these people believe that there is no meaning to them. What is right could mean that it is wrong in society. What they might think is wrong might mean it is right in society. There is no meaning to Existentialism other than that those people do what they want whenever they want. This doesn’t mean that they are bad people; they just see life on a different perspective in which they don’t really know why they are put on Earth. Existential philosophers have been studying why they think this way, feel this way, and even act the way they. Some philosophers might have even written a book about the foundations of existentialism and how it all came about.
Existentialism is a word that couldn’t really be put into words other than that there is no definite meaning to it. Existential people are usually independent due to the amounts of people in the world with different perspectives about themselves and their life in general. Many philosophers have studied existentialism along with studying their interaction they have with it. Along with stating that existentialist often make the same logical points against rationalism with different points of view that are argued. “Existentialism is not easily definable. Its protagonists have traced it back to Pascal, to St. Augustine, even to Socrates. (MacIntyre, Alasdair)” This shows that even back then they were studying how this came about and what made it start. No one really knows how it cam...

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... Sartre thought of the science and technology as part of a larger quantity of life and lock of freedom due to the capitalist, which attempted to reduce humans in a certain process. “The image of technological progress seduces people away from collective free responsibility for the future. Social processes seem fixed and unavoidable; changing them requires cooperative revolutionary action, not just Sartre's earlier individualistic choice. (Kold, David)” He believed that existentialist’s people tend to have more freedom than other people just because of their belief on life and what is right to them. Existential people tend to have a different view on life due to the way they feel life should be lived. They tend to be the total opposite of other people just because of their own beliefs they have on everything. Which doesn’t make them bad people at all, just different.
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