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The way blacks were segregated from whites in history demonstrates the true meaning of racism. For example, In 1955, Rosa Parks was on a bus when she was demanded to move to the back of the bus so that the white man boarding could sit in her seat. When she refused to do so, she was fined and arrested. The main reason she had to move was because she was black. By dividing the bus into a section for blacks and a section for whites shows racism. By forcing her to move to the colored section in the back of the bus, the whites act more superior than the blacks. Another example was how blacks were enslaved so that they could work for the whites. Blacks barely had any rights or freedom. Africans were often taken from their homes, separated from their families, and forced to work, except for no pay. Whites became in charge of them and often controlled them completely. It was as if African Americans were not treated as real people. Lastly, the KKK, or the Ku Klux Klan was group of white men and women who attacked black people at night. They believed they were superior to those of other races or religions. However, they targeted mostly blacks. They often used public violence as a way to intimidate or scare the blacks. The Ku Klux Klan also killed many political leaders. The KKK did this becease they thought it was unfair that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. They couldn't grasp the idea that blacks are people just like them. By appearing more superior, and treating African Americans differently, whites often showed racism towards blacks through segregation and unfair treatment.

The way the Chinese were treated harshly in history because the whites thought they were superior proves the true meaning of racism. To prove this ...

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...l of Muslims are terrorists. However this is an incorrect assumption. Just because someone is Muslim, they are often disliked, even if they had nothing to do with the attacks. Innocent Muslims are often discriminated and treated differently from other races. Also, a phobia for Islam was created to extress people's feeling towards Islam. Islamophobia is prejudice against, hatred towards, or fear of Muslims or ethnic groups perceived to be Muslim. Creating a phobia for a religion is neither fair nor expressing equality. Although the way Muslims are being treated today doesn't directly show how people think they are superior to Islam, this can been seen by how they think. To automatically conclude that all of Muslims are terrorists shows that others think highly of themselves and low of Muslims. Once again, the treatment Muslims receive shows the true meaning of racism.
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