Exchange And Expreneurship Exchange

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KEYWORDS: change, entrepreneurship, exchange, family business network, renegotiation of exchange, risk, social ties. GENERAL OVERVIEW This study is an explanatory research. It investigates the role of social ties within the family business in Greece in the pursue of entrepreneurial action. More specifically, it will discuss what goes on within the network procedures of exchange and renegotiation in the family business context so that the entrepreneurial action and outcomes are achieved. The particular topic was chosen due to three reasons: firstly, because family firms make up more than 70% of international business. Much consideration has been given to firms with huge numbers of employees, large turnovers and dynastic ownership whereas little research has addressed the majority (Collins et al, 2012). Secondly, because networks are considered important both for the firm and the entrepreneur himself. They are important for the success or failure of business projects (Ibarra et al, 2005) and at the same time they are viewed as powerful assets for the entrepreneur, because they enable relationships and access to information and physical and monetary assets (Renzulli & Aldrich, 2005). However, there is a theoretical inadequacy as regards the exact process that takes place within network ties and the ways entrepreneurial outcomes are achieved (Jack, 2010 svisto kai vale slotte kock and covielo 2010 apo entre). Specifically, the ways the aforementioned outcomes are achieved through the use of strong and weak ties and exchange procedures are ambiguous (Anderson et al 2010). While researchers know that networks affect entrepreneurship, there are questions unanswered regarding the exact content of interactions, the exchange procedure, the... ... middle of paper ... ...y and Practice, 32(6), 949-969. • Renzulli, L., Aldrich, H.E., (2005), “Who can you turn to: tie activation within core business discussion networks” ,Social Forces, 84, 323-342. • Salvato, C., Melin, L., (2008), “Creating value across generations in family-controlled businesses: the role of family social capital”, Family Business Review, 21(3), 259-276. • Slotte-Kock, S., Coviello, N., (2010), “Entrepreneurship research on network processes: a review and ways forward”, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 34(1), 31-57. • Smyrnios, K., Poutziouris, P. Z., Goel, S., (2013), “Handbook of research on family business”, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK. • Wright, M., Stigliani, I., (2012), “Entrepreneurship and growth”, International Small Business Journal, 31(1), 3-22. • Yin, R.K., (2009), “Case study research, Design and Methods”, Sage Publications Inc, California, USA.

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