Exceptionalism In Jamestown

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Jamestown. A place meant to grow wealth but ended up on the brink of disaster. "The Labor Problem in Jamestown," by Edmund S. Morgan provides a glimpse into Jamestown's philosophy, simply described as careless. It is a sobering story about the dangers of laziness and the high cost at which Jamestown's citizens paid for it. American Exceptionalism is essentially the fact that the United States of America is inherently different than any other nation. The reason I say fact, and not theory is because while we can have opinions on how exceptional America is, America has exceptional qualities that you will find in no other country. American Exceptionalism is what made our country what it is today. "The Labor Problem at Jamestown" is a very enlightening article by Edmund S. Morgan that explains the ins and outs of why Jamestown's colonists were entitled, unmotivated, and ill-informed about the New World. The fact that the colonists actually expected the natives to provide the food was appalling. In the…show more content…
Morgan. First and foremost, I believe we need to thank God for his provision over our country. There have been multiple times over the course of our history that we could have been eradicated. However, we are still here today, and we are still exceptional. We have survived disease, war, drought, depression, recession, and much more, and by the grace of God we have stood fast. We also need to learn that assumptions and laziness can be deadly, literally, as seen in the Jamestown colony. It is never wise to assume information. "Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in." -Isaac Asimov. Last, but not least, we must remember to turn to God in good times and in bad. This is what has kept our nation alive thus far. If we plan to prosper in the future, we must keep God in the center of our every
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