Examples of Stake Holders in Business

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What is a Stakeholder? A stakeholder is a person or organisation that has an interest or a concern with in a business. Stakeholders can both influence and be influenced by the actions of the business, its objectives and policies. Examples of both internal and external stakeholders are shown below. Internal Stakeholders • Employees – The employees are one of the most vital stakeholders within the business because they rely on ASDA for a steady income for them to survive. The employees have a major influence on how the business is operated as they can rally protests or petitions against issues such as low wages and staff benefits. They are vital to the business because without happy, satisfied employees, ASDA would not be able to operate in order for them to achieve business objectives. • Shareholders – Are also important as they are investing capital into the business in order for the business to operate and make profit. The better the business does financially the greater dividends they will receive from profits. Shareholders have an input in investments made by the business but...
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