Examples of Crucibles in Aurthur Miller's "The Crucible"

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A Crucible is a container that can withstand great amount of heat, such as one required for refining gold. It can also mean a severe trial. In the play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, severe trails occur throughout the play, not just in the courtroom but also in people’s homes and souls. I believe Arthur Miller named his play “The Crucible” because it shows the trials and hardships people face within themselves, the courtroom and Puritan society.

An example of a Crucible is a trial or battle someone faces; it could be within themselves or with others. John Proctor was a wealthy Puritan that owned a large amount of property. He was well known in the town of Salem. Ever since he met Abigail, his beautiful former servant he was fighting a trial within himself. He would ask questions like: Should I have an affair? What if my wife finds out? What if the people find out? As he was asking these questions he was also fighting a trial within himself, determining its answers. When his wife found out about his affair, he finally realized that it was not worth it and quickly tries everything ...

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