Examples Of Whistleblowing In Nursing

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Whistle-blowing: An Ethical Dilemma in Nursing Today A whistle-blower can be defined as “a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical or unsafe”. Whistle-blowers are not always seen in a favorable light within the nursing field, despite their positive intentions. Historically, the stigma attached to whistle- blowing keeps many people from bravely coming forward out of fear of retaliation. “To define the term further within the scope of nursing, whistle-blowing is an action taken by a nurse within his or her organization to correct a dangerous situation. Whether this be towards a fellow nurse or another person on the healthcare team” (Firtko & Jackson, 2005). Personally, I see whistle-blowing…show more content…
Nurses are not just loyal to their patients. We are loyal to our employers and the members of our healthcare team which makes whistle-blowing a tough decision, but often growth and advancement is stunted because of unaddressed issues in healthcare. We take a tremendous amount of pride in what we accomplish within those teams. It is a sad dose of reality though that not everyone is and/or can act ethically and follow proper protocol. So when the standard of care declines we need to find ways to use our voice to bring about…show more content…
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