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When looking at a hero, some instantly think the stereotypical character that saves the day, is inhumanly perfect, and gets rid of or ultimately defeats the antagonist, but never think of the opposite, a tragic hero. A tragic hero is defined as the character that fails due to his or her own weakness or human error, so when thinking about the Shakespearean character of Macbeth one does not instantly think to use the word hero to describe him, but he is actually an excellent example of a tragic hero. Macbeth shows many tragic hero characteristics such as Noble Stature, Tragic Flaw, and Increased Awareness which eventually leads to his failing fate. Noble Stature involves the fall of a tragic hero in which it affects the lives of others, where…show more content…
This event alone begins the fall of Macbeth from a position of an honorable and noble man to one that is greedy for power. In the result of this event, not only was the family is affected, but all of Scotland as well since now their leader has been killed. In the events following, Macbeth then turns on Banquo ordering murders to kill him and his son so that no one outside his family will obtain the throne after him, still exhibiting his greed. After the wake of Duncan and Banquo people are now beginning to think that Fleance, son of Banquo, is behind the deaths not Macbeth. In the ending result Macbeth further shows noble stature when his actions led to his death by Macduff causing Macduff to become the king of Scotland, the role that Macbeth so treasured. Therefore, Macbeth shows Noble Stature throughout the play when his actions lead to not only his fall from an honorable man, but a now dead man who affected others’ lives. Macbeth is a tragic hero indeed when it comes to noble stature, but he also shows many characteristics of a tragic flaw. Tragic flaw is when a hero falls due to a flaw or weakness in their personality. Macbeth displays tragic flaw throughout the play with his over excessive pride, and letting the pressure and guilt get to his head. For example, in Macbeth’s first encounter with the three witches he is told that…show more content…
(Ant. 5.3.1-2)”
Macbeth’s personal weakness is shown greatly in this one scene due to the fact his confidence over powers his decision to dismiss the reports, instead of being informed. In Macbeth’s case he simply dismisses the reports because the witches told him three things that will kill him, all of which seemed utterly impossible and unnatural to happen in Macbeth’s mind. All together tragic flaw is shown throughout the play in Macbeth’s decision making. Tragic Flaw is definitely one of Macbeth’s biggest tragic hero characteristics, but what also makes him a great candidate to be considered a tragic hero is his increased awareness of his own fate towards his last few moments of life. Macbeth was a confident man throughout the entire play until his final moments of life where he became increasingly aware of what has gone wrong. In his final moments Macbeth begins to realize that what the witches told him that would kill him has come true. His first indicator was when a messenger told him Birnam Wood is moving towards Dunsinane, making his confidence lessen. Than finally, when MacDuff comes to end Macbeth, Macbeth gets information that tells him right then and there that he would be killed.
“MACDUFF: Despair thy

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