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The Fourth Wave Transition It was less that 100 years ago that women in the United States were granted the right to suffrage. America, a nation that was founded on the premise of representation for all its citizens, took nearly 150 years to grant half of it’s population the ability to be represented by their government. The road to suffrage was in no way an easy journey. Women across the world used any means necessary, often resorting to violence in order for their voice to be heard. In America, the first wave of feminism from 1860-1920 was just the beginning of a battle that is still being fought today (Hannam 2007, 49). Since the passage of the 19th Amendment, there have been 2 officially recognized waves of feminism that have followed the…show more content…
Women of this newer wave of feminism define the movement differently, and as society becomes more diversified and in many ways segregated by various racial, sexual, and class groups, each person’s definition of the movement changes. Along with this movement’s stress of a more fluid definition of feminism, there is also an underlying principle that, “Third wavers claim to be less rigid and judgmental than their mothers’ generation, which they often represent as antimale, antisex, antifeminitity, and antifun” (Snyder 2008, 179). The third wave attempts to avoid the stereotypes that have typically characterized the second wave, and its more brutish and less approachable appearance. Women of the millennial generation don’t deny themselves the pleasure of activities they enjoy, regardless of the sexist connotation that may be connected to it. In 1997, BUST Magazine, a well known pro-feminism publication published an article that encouraged women to take up knitting, regardless of the gender stereotype that was often connected with the activity (Groeneveld 2010, 261). Members of the third wave do not compartmentalize themselves within one type of feminism, nor do they perpetrate any caricature of what the ideal radical feminist is like. As a group they are diverse in political…show more content…
From gaining the right to vote, to being denied legal equality in the second, and reclaiming femininity in the third wave, feminism has yet to see an era that provides concrete and irrefutable reasons that men and women should be treated as equals under the law. In order for the possibility of a fourth wave of feminism to become a reality, American feminists need to build up a movement that demands representation in the workplace and legal standards that make parents equally responsible for the care of children under the law. By breaking down historically oppressive gender standards for a mothers’ role to care for a child, and by providing both parents paid leave and daycare systems that are a public good, there is a possibility that men and women can be seen as

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