Examples Of The Tragedy Of Shakespearan Tragedy

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During the 1600’s , people’s lives were often short-lived . Children born rarely reached past the age of 15. In fact the average lifespan for an adult was only 30 years old. These age limitations were due to illnesses and diseases that were poorly treated at the time. The common disease known as the plague was notorious for the deaths of thousands of people living in England. The country at the time was slowly getting richer and its population was increasing as well. England was a large rural area rich in farmers producing their own crops. Trade was becoming popular and industries were producing goods rapidly. However, political power and influence was held by rich landowners. Monarchs came to power while the nobles and parliament feared the amount of power growing in the England monarchy.…show more content…
In a Shakespearean tragedy, the common people all seem to be unaware of the impending evil that surrounds them. Most heroes in Shakespeare tragedies have a weakness such as a fatal flaw which leads to their
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