Examples Of The Dilemma Of Teenage Pregnancy

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The Dilemma of a Pregnant Teenage
In the world of today, one of the most predominant controversies, we have been facing for decades is ‘Teenage Pregnancy’. Teenage pregnancy, affects different aspects of life, the newborn, mother and family of the teenagers involved. Few people believe that the society should be reprimanded. But I believe the society, should not take all the blame. In spite of societal blames, teens having unprotected/protected sex and getting pregnant are personal decisions. There is just a little that any society can do to avert such activities. In today’s world teenage pregnancy could be precluded and reduced by giving them the appropriate education on sex, why it is important for them to refrain from any sexual activities, until they are of matured age and emphasize that their future is far better without been a baby mother. Because once you have a child, your life is not completely yours anymore; it now revolves around the child. Example is when a teen goes to high school every day from 8:30am – 3pm, doing of their homework’s, and studying for exams is stress free; compared to when a baby is involved, you cannot got to class without having a babysitter or someone to look after the baby, baby’s need food very frequently which would interfere with study period. Such responsibilities are not for children of ages 13-19 years. I believe with educationally programs, that explain and show the teens what adulthood and having a baby is all about, might change a lot of teen mind set.
Primarily, for many decades, there has been a stereotype that teenage girls are the thoughtless ones, forgetting the other half, teenage boys. We know that female gender inequalities have been around for many decades, were by females are b...

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...another obvious point to teen pregnancy is the media. The media; like music videos, contributes to the behaviours of teenagers between the ages of 13-19 years, they want to be like their role models; like in movies, be like an actress/actors, and sometimes think the world is the same as a fictional TV shows. They lack understanding to differentiate from reality and fairy tale. They believe whatever they see and hear, which can be hard for the parents to convince them after these teens have ingested what they had been watching and listening to, teens hardly think before they act, which most times end them in big problems with their society and parents. This is the main reason, why parents should monitor and educate their children on what to watch and why they can or cannot watch certain shows. This would really lessen the eagerness to have sex, and grow up too fast.
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