Examples Of Symbolic Interactionism

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I have plenty of African American friends. I just don’t stay in contact with them like I do with all of my other friends. I guess in the back of my mind I thought, “She is going to try to steal my boyfriend.” I didn’t realize this until now. The society has led me to believe that black women go after every single man. My conscience was telling me to not invite my African American friends or else they will disrespect me. However, my best friend Marie changed my mind about African American women. Marie is helpful, strong, and beautiful. I thought all African Americans didn’t how to talk properly, they lived up to every stereotype, and that they judged all the time. Through symbolic interactionism I believe all African Americans are different and need to be treated fairly. Symbolic interactionism is the study of how people negotiate the meaning of social life during their interactions with other people. I thought all black guys had the same speech. I used to think they were loud,…show more content…
Why does society tell lies about a community they know nothing about? Once again, my perspective on African Americans changed drastically. I was walking to class and one of my coworkers saw me. She was African American. She told me I looked beautiful and her friend agreed. She didn’t judge me. She empowered me. My entire day was made when she told me that. African Americans don’t judge anyone. In conclusion, I believe the society doesn’t understand each other. Skin color is a vital symbol to people. Although, African Americans do not have the same speech, the stereotypes are all wrong, and they welcome anyone with open arms. By interacting with a group of people my ideas about black people went down the drain. I believe if the people spent more time with a race they were afraid of or were curious about, the social problem of African American people can be changed. Using the symbolic interactionism my view on African Americans is now
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