Examples Of Selfishness In The Great Gatsby

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Selfishness is a disease of the soul that every person experiences several times throughout their life. To say that it has never been experienced would be hypocrisy. To say that it is a “good thing”, would be erroneous. Although as humans we like to lie to ourselves, it is no question that selfishness can make any person act like a fool. It consumes us and makes us into someone we are not. Whether it leads to getting people killed, falling in love, or buying alcohol, selfishness always leads to destruction. Selfish people are only concerned with their wants and with their own happiness. They do not feel obligated in any way to help others with what they need. Because they do not value other people, this can lead to a lonely life full of unhappiness.…show more content…
Jay Gatsby is a prime example of this. The entire book revolves around his one selfish desire to be with the woman he loves, Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby is well aware that Daisy is married to Tom Buchanan, but that does not stop him. Gatsby and Daisy begin seeing each other and spending a great amount of time together. This was not enough to satisfy Gatsby. One night he and Tom, Daisy’s husband, were in dispute. Gatsby argued that Daisy had never loved Tom, but Tom was sure Daisy had loved him all along. Gatsby told Daisy, “It doesn’t matter anymore. Just tell him the truth-that you never loved him- and it’s all wiped out forever.”(Fitzgerald 139) Daisy explained to Gatsby that he was asking too much of her. Of course she had loved Tom; she married him. It should have been enough for Gatsby to know that Daisy loved him now. This act of selfishness brought destruction upon Gatsby himself. “Gatsby’s eyes opened and closed. ‘You loved me too?’ he repeated.”(Fitzgerald 140) It was not necessary for Gatsby to ask anything more of Daisy, yet he did for his own selfish reasons. It resulted in the obliteration of Tom and Daisy’s relationship as well as Gatsby’s
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