Examples Of Racism In White Like Me

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Why is it that when a white woman looks into a mirror she sees a woman, but when a black woman looks into a mirror, she sees a black woman? White Like Me, based off the books of Tim Wise, is a film that uncovers the hidden truths about systematic racism in the United States. The film gives a look at racial discrimination against blacks from the perspective of a privileged white. ("Kanopy"). The only true way to find out what it is like to be black is to become a black. Through the film, Tim shows that without even realizing it, white people have, and have always had privilege. He shows how this privilege “continues to shape individual attitudes, electoral politics, and government policy in ways too many white people never stop to think about” ("Kanopy"). There are those who deny that racial inequalities still exist and that racial bias affects the way we view others (White Like Me). The film put an emphasis on welfare. It put into…show more content…
Maybe blacks being the majority of those receiving is how it used to be. But since it is not like that anymore, so why has this idea not changed? Even though, as emphasized in the film, people believe that post racial American has finally arrived, blacks are still wanted to be seen as not equal. When a white woman was asked what she sees when she wakes up and looks in the mirror, she replied with “I see a woman” (Guengerich). When a black woman does the same, she says “I see a black woman” (Guengerich). The black woman can not just see herself as a woman. This demonstrates how blacks are made to seem like a variant of the norm. Whites are the norm. When objects are variants of one another, they are seen as less value. When a black woman can not even look in the mirror with out seeing herself as just a woman, but even sees herself as a variant of a woman, this shows how society has cause blacks to feel as though they are not equal, and whites probably see it the same

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