Examples Of Propaganda In Harrison Bergeron

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The film 1981 Harrison Bergeron had many characteristics of a dystopian society. For example, propaganda plays a significant role in a dystopian society and in the during the film, it was mentioned that Harrison Bergeron, the son of George and Hazel was arrested six years ago for “propagandist vandalism”. Propaganda in a dystopian society is used to control the citizens, as well as promoting specific societal standards. Also, with propaganda, the leader (Handicapper General) of the society has the power to persuade the citizens to give up their talents, individuality, life, etc. Thus, propaganda plays a large role on social tensions. In addition, this film demonstrates a dystopian society because the leader of the society convinces the citizens to give up their individuality in exchange for a “better”…show more content…
Thus, since everybody was equal, this leads to the elimination of each citizen’s unique qualities. Another characteristics of a dystopian society in this film is how the leader is controlling the citizen’s thoughts and communication. For example, George's intelligence level was way above normal. Therefore, he is required by law to wear a mental handicap radio in his ear. This mental handicap radio would send out sharp noises every couple of seconds to distrust and stop his thinking which ensures that George is not taking advantage of his brain. The news reporter would be an example of how the leader is controlling its citizens communication. As seen in the film, the first time the news reporter appeared to make an announcement, he almost had the inability to speak, almost like he has a serious speech impediment. Moreover, another characteristic of a dystopian society would be a figurehead or leader that is worshipped by the citizens of the society. This can be justified when Hazel enviously told George that she “would make a good Handicapper General” and how it is “very interesting” to hear all the different
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