Examples Of Project Monitoring And Control

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Project Monitoring and Control Introduction By Hassib Amiryar http://www.pmdocuments.com/project-monitoring-and-control-documents/ Author has presented a very good introduction of project monitoring and control. He has started with the definition of PMBOK which says “the Monitoring and Control Process Group consists of those processes performed to observe project execution so that potential problems can be identified in a timely manner and corrective action can be taken, when necessary, to control the execution of the project” (PMBOK, 2013). The author talks about the main purpose of monitoring and controlling activities which is to be proactive in finding issues ahead of time and taking corrective action. He has highlighted the monitoring and controlling process along with its outputs which is listed below: 1. Monitoring and Controlling Project Work: It collects measures and disseminates performance information, and assesses measures and trends to forecast potential items requiring corrective action. The outputs of this process are recommended corrective actions, recommended prev...
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