Examples Of Prioritizing Your Time

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Prioritizing my time is a task that I need to work on, turning things on time and keeping up to date with assignments is difficult. I usually procrastinate and leave things for the last-minute, and causes my work to be less effective than what I can carry out. Studying for tests is a struggle, because I get distracted easily and get frustrated with all the amount of work ,so I leave the work for later. Some management strategies I will use, are breaking up large project into pieces and when I have a difficult time getting started I will do the easiest task first. I prioritize my life with most important to least important. I give the most concern and time to people who are important and events that I know are more influential to my life. Personal issues negatively impact me and I ignore the problems but It also brings more problems because I don’t resolve the problem at the moment.

I can rank my time more effectively by having a clear focus on what I 'm trying to carry out and what I have to get done. Having an agenda can help when it comes to procrastination and help keep organized. Prioritizing my time is a skill I have to work on, I usually don’t take time and think on how I’m using my time. When it comes to doing something I have to do, like homework , I wait until I feel like doing the
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I want to rank my time from most important to least, and having a more organized approach when it comes to completing my daily tasks. Some distractions that interrupt my schedule are my own thoughts, for I always find myself daydreaming or not concentrating in the present. Consequently, I find myself procrastinating because I leave everything for the last-minute. Procrastination has become a habit for me and I usually procrastinate because I’m feeling lazy or unmotivated. Some strategies that can help me with my procrastination is thinking of positive future events that can come when I do the
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