Examples Of Nursing Code Of Ethics

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A code of ethics are ethical principles that govern a particular line of work. These codes offer guidance to people when making decisions. The American Nursing Association is an organization that created the code of ethics so that nurses have a guide on making ethical decisions when a dilemma arises. There are about nine nursing code of ethics that nurses have to follow when they are working in the health-care field. The ANA Code of Ethics I think I will excel at is the part about the nurse practices with the compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and personal attributes of every person, without prejudice (Catalano, 2015). I chose this provision because I feel like I’ve been practicing this my whole life. I feel like this…show more content…
The first part of this is respect for human dignity which is the need for and right to health care is universal, transcending all differences (Code, 2015). The second part of the first provision is about relationships with patients. Nurses set up relationships of trust and provide nursing services according to need, setting aside any bias or prejudice (Code, 2015). When a patient choices are risky, nurses have to discuss the behavior and offer opportunities to change the behavior to eradicate the risk (Code, 2015). The third part of the first provision is about the nature of health. Nurses should respect the dignity and rights of all human beings regardless of the factors contributing to the person’s health status (Code, 2015). The fourth part of the first provision is the right to self-determination. Patients have the moral and legal right to decide what will happen with and to their own person (Code, 2015). The fifth and last part of the first provision is the relationship with colleagues and others. This part is about respect for persons extends to all people with whom the nurse interacts (Codes,…show more content…
When he came to the front desk and ask for the direction for his wife 's room my first reaction was to push his wheel chair but I didn’t want to be rude so ask him if he wanted me to push him while I show him the direction to his wife 's room. When I was about to push his wheel chair the gentleman said,” you don’t have to do that, just show me the direction, and i’ll push myself.” I respected the gentleman 's wishes, and just showed him the direction to his wife 's room. Apparently, the gentleman didn’t want any help because he feels that he is capable to do it himself, and wanted to feel autonomous. Therefore, I respected his wish, and treated him just like anyone.

The time I felt like I didn’t demonstrated this provision is when I was in the subway in Toronto during Christmas. There was this woman who was pregnant in the train riding with us and she was standing because all the seats were taken. I forgot to give her my seat because I was busy on the phone talking to my friend and we’re trying to find out the location of where my friend is. We lost him during a Christmas party. Luckily, the man next to me saw it and gave the woman his seat. I felt guilty because I could have done it, but I was too preoccupied trying to find where our lost friend is