Examples Of Negotiation In Negotiation

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To be a good negotiator, you must be very argumentative and opinionated.
I believe that negotiation is about persuasion and not argument. To be persuasive, negotiators must be well prepared and having a goal in mind. Negotiators should plan their BATNA in advance. BATNA means the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. You should not expect success in negotiation unless you are able to make the side an offer they find more attractive than their own BATNA. [1] For instance, if I can establish a better offer, the other party may want to drop his offer and accepts mine. However, if the BATNA is worse than that offered by the other party, I would have to seriously consider accepting the other party’s offer after making an effort to improve its terms. Persuasion also comes with effective communication. The modern world today calls for a highly effective communicating skill in order to ace any negotiation. Effective communication includes not only the ability to communicate, but to listen and emphasize. These are very important in negotiating effective agreements. Communication is in our daily lives and is essential to build up good relationships within one another. A good relationship often holds mutual trust and understanding that boost the negotiators ability to influence. A negotiator who recognises the point of view from which the other party is working on is more likely to communicate persuasively, with almost no misunderstanding. To be persuasive, negotiators must make the offer attractive to the other party and emphasize those features of the offer that the other party is likely to find appealing. [2] This will influence the other party to have the urge of saying “yes” and will increase the likelihood that he or she...

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...and compare from one deal with another. In negotiations where there is sole supplier for example, the negotiator will have less bargaining power. Good negotiators also try to improve their alternatives. For instant if A negotiations with B extend over a period of time without having any conclusion yet, A could keep an look out for other better alternatives. I also believe that good negotiators count on their own luck at times. For instant, A is looking for a job that pays him S$8,000 per month. Company X posted on the internet that they are recruiting someone urgently and that job position suit A, but only pays S$6,000 per month. However, A gave it a try and apply, but negotiate about the salary. As Company X is urgently looking for someone who is suitable, they agreed to pay A S$7,000 + S$1,000 shift allowance. This concludes that both parties came to an agreement.
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