Examples Of Neglect

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The Neglect of children Neglect of children is horrible and after reading this chapter, I have a better understanding of how it works. In this chapter I found out, that there are three categories of neglect. The first is physical neglect, which is not meeting the child’s basic needs in order to survive. The second one is medical neglect, which is not providing the medical care that a child needs. This type of neglect makes me sad, why do you not want your child to get well. If they are sick, or have a condition that you are not able to fix on your own. Finally; educational neglect, which is not sending your child to school. I do not understand why parents, would not want to send their child to school. School is a place where children can learn…show more content…
The parents can have environmental issues, ecological issues, and personalistc issues. Environmental issues can involve stress with the parents in a financial way. Ecological issue is the parents being unfriendly towards other people, and neighbors can see and that will raise concern. Personalistic issue is pertaining to the individual parent. How the parent was raised and how they received information on how to parent. Neglect is something that can be difficult to see, if you are not aware of the signs. If I were to see a child, and the parent is not paying any attention to them. I feel they are being neglected, which may not even be the case. Parents just might not show interest in the child, the child is clean, has a good home, and no markings. I still feel a child is getting some kind of neglect due to that parent not paying attention or having affection for their child. I do not understand why a parent can neglect their child, knowing that it can affect them later on in their life. Children who are neglected can get low motor skills which can affect their language. As well as having an effect on how they interact with other people they may come in contact later on. I hope that we can understand why neglect happens more often, and try to put a stop to it. So future children do not have to have the burden of being forgotten and
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