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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVoKE7_4H-I Mental health recovery means learning to live life with health condition to return to independence and normalcy. One someone first finds out about there diagnoses it can be difficult to accept the reality. Consequently, mental health recovery is a recovery process aimed towards accepting who you are, learning how to cope with the manifestations, and returning to everyday living. This impacts our work as a CTRS because we want our clients to be able to participate in leisure activities that they once used to enjoy. Otherwise, if leisure were not a main aspect of their life, it would be our job to help them discover activities that help assist them on their road to recovery. Secondly, this impacts…show more content…
It took Brandon twenty years to adjust and approve of his mental health condition. After he adapted to his medication, he found himself engaging in physical activity. He mentioned that by maintaining his physical health he is maintaining his mental health. Brandon social health is fully flourishing and one reason is that he has a 24/7 support system including his parents, sister, wife, and daughter. Brandon has also created his own organization called International Mental Health Research Organization (IMHRO) where he communicates with the pubic about the research his organization has conducted and conducts online chats with those looking to fund his organization. This social interaction has allowed his to normalize his condition to the point where he is not afraid to state he has schizophrenia when first meeting someone. Brandon’s emotional functioning is very proficient because he demonstrates his feelings while explaining the purpose behind his organization. He stated that he cares about humanity and wants to provide hope to others. This hope is that living a normal life with a mental health condition is possible. Other feeling he portrays is his ability to love and his passion. His passion was very evident when he talked about society accepting mental health diseases. He wants everyone to understand it’s not their fault and reducing the stigma…show more content…
This includes adjusting the medications and discovering which medications go best with each other. After many years, Brandon is now down to 4 medications he knows that works him and will commit to. • One of the symptoms, delusions, ties into Brandon’s story because he would vision things that weren’t actual reality. The one vision he shared was where his heart was stole by Alice in Wonderland, in which he believed to be

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