Examples Of Magical Realism In The Alchemist

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By its very definition, magical realism is “a literary or artistic genre in which realistic narrative and naturalistic technique are combined with surreal elements of dream or fantasy.” When there is magical realism in a story, the people notice the happenings, but they do not notice them as magic, but rather as a normal event. We read Paul Coehlo’s The Alchemist to learn about magical realism. Many folktales and modern stories demonstrate the concept of magical realism. Magical realism is incorporated into one of my all-time favorite movies, Big Fish. In this movie, there are three main elements of magic. Over the course of Edward’s stories, many fantastic things happen that are looked at as normal events. The three main examples are the village of Spectre, the love of Edward and Sandra, and the fish. Many other things happen in the movie that are magical, including the witch and the giant, but these three are the most prominent examples.…show more content…
This is magical realism because parts of the situation are possible, but the entire situation is impractical. The village of Spectre is a utopia. Everyone is happy, the weather is beautiful, the food is delectable, and the togetherness and fun are irresistible. The people of Spectre say that nobody has ever left the village because it was so perfect. Neither the village’s citizens or Edward recognizes this utopic society as magical. Even Edward Bloom is tempted to stay in this paradise but chooses to leave in pursuit of his friend and his
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