Examples Of Light And Dark In Macbeth

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536 words

Donnie Korshnak
Miss. Gilboy
English 11
29 December 2013
Light vs. Dark
In Macbeth there are many examples of light verses dark imagery. In Macbeth light is represents peace. Darkness represents horrible events or death. In the beginning of the play Macbeth started out as a friendly guy that would not kill someone who does not deserve it. He started out in light by killing the traitors to the king. Later on in the play he becomes greedy and kills King Duncan to take his place. Once he kills Duncan he turns into this killing machine. Lady Macbeth started out the play on in the dark side, she wanted to have no feeling for anything that she did, and she just wanted power. Later on she became guilty and started sleep walking; she became insane and committed suicide. In the beginning of the play all of the murders were committed in darkness. This changes once the three murders kill Banquo, he is killed in torch light.
One example is when Lady Macbeth finds out that King Duncan is coming to the castle. She says “Where ever in your invisible substances you assist in mischief come thick n...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how macbeth started out as a friendly guy that would not kill someone who doesn't deserve it. he became greedy and killed king duncan to take his place.
  • Illustrates how lady macbeth murders king duncan because she doesn't want anyone to see his death. he kills the guards to blame it on them. malcom and donalbain flee the country.
  • Analyzes how the world became out of order after king duncan's murder. an owl killed a falcon, and banquo thought macbeth may have been involved.
  • Illustrates how light comes into play when macbeth has the two murderess kill banquo. they can decide on what to do with fleance.
  • Analyzes how malcom returns from england to fight macbeth and fix the commonwealth. he starts off by meeting the english army near birnam wood.

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