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Leadership Style Self-Assessment Leaders are born, and not made in my opinion. In this assignment I will provide a comprehensive overview of the findings from a leadership style self-assessment that I used to help me gage what type of leader I am. The assessment tool I used consisted of 30 questions in which I circled a score between 1 and 5. 1 represented almost never true, 2 means seldom true, 3 is occasionally true, 4 is frequently true, and 5 meant almost always true. Once I was done answering all questions each column was totaled. The highest score indicates the leadership style that is most representative of you. My highest score was a 38 which means I am a participative democratic style leader. One thing that I found interesting about…show more content…
According to our text the leader encourages and assists discussion and group decision making. Human relations and teamwork are the focus. The leader shares responsibility with the followers by involving them in decision making (Huber, 2014). This participative democratic leadership style is directly connected with the situational leadership theory. The situational theory approach focuses on observed behaviors of leaders and how leadership styles can be matched to situations (Huber, 2014). I believe these two styles are connected because a person who is a participative democratic leader will check with the group in regards to a policy/problem/situation, and will make a decision based off feedback but also off what is best for the group in general. A participative democratic leader does not always choose the option the group does, but bases things off of situations as they occur. Therefore, the situational theory directly connects to this leadership style. Both the leadership style and leadership theory are representative of me. For example, when I am at work on my unit and I am in charge, I will ask everyone who they want as patients with regards to the assignment. However, the final decision is made by me to ensure that everyone has a balanced assignment, and one nurse is not carrying a heavier patient load. Other…show more content…
My style is considered to be participative democratic which aligns with the situational leadership theory. 3 actions/behaviors required to be successful leader include being active not passive, having/sharing a vision, and finally being a role model. From this assignment I have learned that being a participative democratic leader is a leadership that fosters others opinions, and motivates others. This leadership style allows me to acknowledge when others are doing well, as well as make decisions when certain situations arise without group input. I like that I am a participative democratic leader because I think everyone’s input is important, but I also think that there is an appropriate time in which that input should be

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