Examples Of Intimacy And Sexuality In The Movie Shameless

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Shameless is a TV show about a dysfunctional family living in Southside Chicago and their adventures trying to figure out life. Frank Gallagher is the no-good father that drowns himself in alcohol and drugs while is eldest child, Fiona, takes care of his 5 other children. Intimacy and sexuality are heavily involved in Shameless throughout all seasons. In the beginning of the series Debbie and Carl, the youngest siblings, start to discover and experiment with sex as Ian Gallagher, the middle sibling, tries to figure out his sexuality as a gay man in a very homophobic community. However, season 7 has touched on a lot of the topics we have discussed in class. After being left at the altar, Fiona beings to experiment using Tinder, adopting a…show more content…
As all the stories begin to interconnect in some way, relationships are tested, created and broken apart. Since Love Actually is a romantic comedy it is understandable that the movie would have some connection to intimacy and sexuality. However, the infidelity throughout the movie is how it best weaves into the topics of this class. While there are many couples that experience cheating in some fashion in the movie, Harry and Karen’s is the best example of an affair that occurred that some other issues connected to it. Harry’s infidelity is very straight forward. He cheated on his wife with a younger woman named Mia at work, not only expanding on a sexual relationship but also a loving relationship. It was not until Karen found out about the extra-marital relationship and realized how much it hurt her that he felt any remorse. It is never explained in the film why he decided to have an affair with Mia, but the movie does allude to the feeling that Harry feels stuck. He’s been at his job for a long time and his relationship with Karen has moved to a more domestic and routine…show more content…
People used to go to their community and church to fulfill all their expectations. Now so much pressure is put on a person’s significant other to be everything and more that people rarely measure up. Therefore, “people cheat not because they feel confined, but because they simply want more of what it proposes to offer” because they people may have grown and changed, but the marriage did not with them (Perel). In the movie, Harry still cares for Karen. He still gets her a sentimental gift and exudes love and affection for her. He was just sick of the monotonous ins and outs of his life and being the same person so he tried to reclaim some of who he was by venturing into an

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