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Intersectional Analysis Paper: Rough Draft We live in a society with different cultures, races, and pathways for life.We currently live amongst a time where acceptance of others for who they are is clashing between those who are willing and not. This results in social reform groups and people taking initiative to fight for their rights. Nevertheless, this movement for gender, race, and class rights originates back to the 1800s, especially in 1851 with the delivered speech by Sojourner Truth. Thanks to social reform leaders and other feminists such as Truth, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Combahee River Collective, Rekia Jibrin and Sara Salem, we have made progress as a society through their intersectional speeches. The coined term “Intersectionality,”…show more content…
Intersectionality is the feminist framework that overlaps gender, race, class, etc. in order to work toward equality and justice for all. Through the lineage of intersectional speeches/writing we can see how it is imperative for contemporary studies, how the current use of intersectionality differs from original intent, and how the application of the intersectional framework is used on contemporary feminist usage. Intersectionality is the base for many gender women studies classes because of how significant of a role it plays in the feminist role and the whole community. Crenshaw uses the term around 1989 and influenced many other the consider the role of the interlocking of interdependent systems. Despite the creation of the term, feminists such as Truth and Combahee River Collective followed the same feminist framework although they did not coin the term. Sojourner Truth is recognized as one of most iconic feminist leader after her “Ain’t I A Woman…show more content…
Additionally, all the major feminists in the past and present all address issues based on intersectionality and from there they can continue to pursue their goal of equality based on all aspects from gender to race. However, as we see the growth of intersectionality overtime there has been changes throughout especially with the current use of intersectionality that is led off of the original use. The article “Intersectionality Ain’t for White Women” by Cameron Glover is a modern example of the current use of intersectionality. The author argues about white privilege/supremacy and how black people can understand the perspective of a white person but never can a white person understand the discrimination inflicted against a black person. She states in bold lettering “ Intersectionality has never been, nor will it ever be, for white women,” “because white women have never carried the weight of having to choose between their race or their gender when both mark them a visible target for oppression”(Glover). From this perspective of the current use of intersectionality there is strong discontent toward the white community but it is ultimately showing that intersectionality is not easy to understand unless you can relate to it and addressed in this article she states that to understand
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