Examples Of Interpersonal Communication

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Everyday in some form or another we communicate with one another. Communicators may discuss a variety of topics, from impersonal to interpersonal. We may discuss with our significant other about our day, communicate our perceptions with friends, or help our aging parents communicate their end of life wishes or reflect upon their special memories throughout their life, from regrets to successes; or we may simply smile at a stranger when we walk past them on the street. As we encounter new people and have new experiences, we change how we interact with others. Interpersonal communication is an ongoing process differs from impersonal communication primarily by three basic needs. Imperative to interpersonal communication requires needs for responsiveness, affection and control or influence in order to create and sustain relationships. To understand more about interpersonal communication we must first realize these needs are built on content and relationship…show more content…
This concerns the positive or negative “liking” that is communicating by tone of voice, facial expressions, body language, etc. CONTENT M
A prime example of this dimension of communication is being in a committed, long-term relationship, more specifically a marriage. During courtship, a couple has likely experienced on going communication that evolved over time. Over the time of their courtship, a couple likely expressed goals and aspirations or personal failures. Because long-term relationships like marriage are dynamic, they continually change just like the people involved in them. I believe lack of affection often negatively affects a marriage. When a spouse repetively shows disapproval through criticism or condemning actions, such as a scouring expression on one’s face, rolling of one's eyes, pointing the finger, or huffing and grumbling about what the spouse did or didn’t do, all expresses feelings of
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