Examples Of Inhumanity In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, many notable themes arise, but the most prevalent theme is undeniably the theme of man’s inhumanity to man. At the beginning of the novel, we are introduced to Scout Finch, who is naive and oblivious to the discrimination that occurs in Maycomb. However, through many events and through meeting many characters, we soon begin to realize that the world may not be so nice after all. Our suspicions are only confirmed once we witness the terrible injustices that occur during the trial. The predominance of inhumanity throughout the novel is what makes it such an important theme. During the novel, there are many instances in which we begin to understand the cruelty of human beings through the eyes of Scout Finch. Scout, Jem and Dill treat Arthur (Boo) Radley with a certain level of inhumanity and although Boo Radley is unable to comprehend exactly what they are doing, we as readers are still able to understand that they are wrong to be judging Boo Radley so harshly. Even Atticus tells them to, “stop tormenting that man,” showing that although they are quite naive and are merely being childish and playful, they are still indirectly ‘tormenting’ him. However some examples of inhumanity found in the novel are not as innocent. A notable scene is when Nathan Radley fills up the knot hole with cement, with the excuse that the tree was dying. However, even Jem understands that this is not the true reason; he is able to realize that Nathan Radley only did that so that Boo would have no connections with the outside world, which would further alienate him and take away his only source of happiness, which unquestionably came from the children. The realization that even a brother can be so cruel to another bro... ... middle of paper ... ...e and unjustness that occurs in Maycomb County. Maycomb is a fictional town in which we are exposed to the brutality of people. We follow Scout and Jem’s journey, which slowly reveals to us that the world is not a fair place and if anything, that the world can be quite cruel. This is shown through the ways in which characters act in a despicable manner towards others. Tom Robinson’s trial further gives us an insight as to the lies and racism that people are capable of. We are constantly confronted with the harsh reality that that the world is made up of numerous people that are filled with hatred, fueling them to act inhumanely towards others. Yet, at the end of the novel we are given a glimmer of hope as both Jem and Scout understanding this predominant concept, means that the next generation of Maycomb citizens may well be more compassionate towards one another
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