Examples Of Infatuation In Romeo And Juliet

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Victims of ill-fate:
An Explanation of Teenage Infatuation in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
Society these days builds up a misconception towards what they think is the real meaning of true love or teenage infatuation. In my words, true love is a strong and ever-lasting love which requires sacrifice based on solemn decisions. While, teenage infatuation is teenagers making irresponsible choices made foolishly without the consideration of the consequences they might face. Therefore, in this instance Romeo and Juliet is a play that can define a great example of either true love or teenage infatuation. In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare a miraculous writer that foreshadows horrific events, foreshadows the suffering of the “star-cross’d
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Romeo’s character of being infatuates is not yet over as Romeo tries to proceed love with Juliet as fast as the speed of light. At the Capulet’s feast, when Romeo tries to move things quickly with Juliet as soon as he sees her, he reaches closer to her touching her hand and then saying “If I profane with my unworthiness hand this holy shrine, the gentle sin is this, my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss” (1.5.92-95). At this moment Romeo has no idea who Juliet is. But it is his stubbornness that leads him to move things quicker. In a blink of an eye Romeo’s love changes from Rosaline to Juliet’s. During the first 10 minutes Romeo sees Juliet and by the next 10 minutes he is besides her holding her hand. Romeo is describing Juliet’s hand as a holy place at which his hand is unworthy to visit. Romeo is trying to get her attention by complimenting her features so she feels special and falls in love with him. He also describes her lips as two blushing pilgrims, ready to make things better with kiss which is also a sign of hastiness. Therefore, Romeo is taking things too fast as he also tends to kiss her at that feast and later ask her to take her virginity away. Romeo and Juliet’s infatuation is based on hastiness as they both make decisions without knowing whether if the decisions made are right…show more content…
Romeo and Juliet’s families were enemies must have been the reason of why the teenagers wanted to be together just so they can rebel against their families. Also, the unfortunate couple demonstrate immaturity as they both become desperate for each other in a short period of time. Romeo and Juliet are nonage as they both thought there love was forever-lasting and marriage is everything to complete that love. Rather than immaturity, moving the relationship rapidly is also a cause of extravagant love. Juliet is hesitated for the night to come, while Romeo is desperately trying to get Juliet’s attention at the feast. On the whole, Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is based on cursoriness as they rush through the process of getting married and proving their love to each other. Finally, even though their love was at first sight and based on attractiveness, Romeo and Juliet were never in love. Indeed, their relationship moved so quickly that it led to a tragedy. In brief, Shakespeare has written this play to argue between whether the apocalypse is true love or fatuous. But at the end the lovers were not destined for each other as they both died which can be the cause of them being substantially
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