Examples Of Increasing Energy Efficiency In Homes

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Chad Miller checked by Derek Ward The Fringe #51 Earth Homes (hobbit) Increasing Energy Efficiency in Homes (word count 1175) Introduction: One of the main problems with homes is keeping them energy efficient so that the home owners can save money. Energy efficiency is defined as useful energy out divided by energy in1. This number is usually less than one and is displayed as a percentage. Our appliances such as heating and cooling and lighting can be very efficient, but the home overall can be not very efficient, due to other things such as loss of heat through windows and poorly insulated walls, attics, basements, and entrances. There are many factors in figuring the total efficiency such as heating and cooling, lighting, household appliances, windows, doors, walls, and ceilings. Most energy is lost due to poor insulation, meaning that the heat being paid for is being lost through windows, doors, and walls. When heat is lost through any of these processes the home owner is in a sense paying to heat the atmosphere around them. There are many ways to decrease the loss of energy. For example upgrading a window can make it so less heat is capable of escaping out of the house and into the atmosphere. Adding a door seal around a door can help keep the air where it needs to be, whether it be summer and cold air needs to stay inside and hot air needs to stay outside, or if it is winter and warm air needs to stay inside and cold air outside. Another option would be to have a source of “free” energy. To obtain this energy one could build a wind turbine to turn wind energy into useful household electricity. Another method of capturing energy is through solar panels. Solar panels capture heat from the sun and turn it into household el... ... middle of paper ... ...he house and have alternative energy such as solar panels and wind turbines give power to the home. However, the location of where the home is can influence what kind of alternative energy is most helpful in the process of increasing energy efficiency. References 1. Vesilind, P. Aarne, Morgan Susan M., Heine, Lauren G., Introduction to Environmental Engineering Third Edition, Cenage Leaning, Cenage Leaning 200 First Stamford Place, Suite 400 Stamford, CT 06902 USA, Energy Flows and Balances page 193. 2. Cengel, Yunus A., Boles, Michael A., Thermodynamics, an Engineering Approach Seventh Edition, McGraw Hill, The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, Energy Transfer, page 80. 3. Picture of the inside of a wind turbine from http://energy.gov/eere/wind/how-do-wind-turbines-work 4. http://www.epa.gov/greenhomes/WholeHouse.htm

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