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Invisible Man Identity “Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives.” (B. R. Ambedkar). In Ralph Ellison’s novel the Invisible Man we are first introduced to a nameless narrator, the narrator continues to stay anonyms throughout the entire novel, which gives a sense of mystery and question. As the narrator goes through his journey in the novel, he changes his identity to adapt to the world around him and the people. The narrator is us, he is the innocent part of all of us, and his journey through the novel is his way into finding self-knowledge. We are all born innocent and unaware of the world around us but the way we grow up, the people, and environment shapes our identities and decides whom we grow up to become. Most people would like to say that they are in control of their life and that they make all their own decisions but do they really? The novel takes place around The Great Depression the worst economic crisis in the country’s history, which left a permanent scar on American society and culture, causing millions of people to suffer and experience joblessness, and homelessness, for nearly a decade. With so many hardships facing people in this time they all wanted the same thing, which was to get a job and get back all they had lost. This led people to change whom they were and gain new identities to fit the new society. Throughout the novel, the Invisible Man is searching for his identity. As the novel begins, we see the IM go through his first phase in which he tries to create an identity for himself. In chapter 1 of the Invisible Man, in the Battle Royal were the IM is pushed into a fight were he must fight like an animal’s while... ... middle of paper ... ...d form our own identities. Society greatly affects the education of its people. If society believes in a set of norms and values, it is but natural for these individuals to teach to others their principles. What a society advocates will be reflected in the way its people interact with others, these interactions provide learning to all people. This is called non-formal education from the society. Society plays a significant role in education, it can influence an enormous affect on people whether, positively and negatively. The values, morals, and principles of a society create an education system that upholds the same values, morals, and principles. A social group that believes in righteous acts and decent interactions will teach its individuals to teach the same to other people. “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom” (George Washington Carver).

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