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The True American Horrors
Throughout time, Hollywood has both influenced and awed modern day society. However, no part among the stars has inspired us as much as the genre of horror. Consequently, it has the ability to evoke within its audience both fear and creates a new perspective of the world and its darkness. This subculture was both created and inspired by masterminds of infinite accomplishments; many of the movies and stories that the general public has come to thoroughly enjoy are based upon true events; and these films are found to be the cause of various mental health issues found in America today.
Immortality, a one-way concept which numerous have bled, cried, and fought over. Many see this, “Concept,” as life itself and spend their entire human lives clawing their way to the top to achieve it. Perhaps this is why the general public is so enthralled with the idea of, “Hollywood.” The stars flood our screens, our hearts, and our minds, leaving footprints of their style, culture, and aestheticism; however, the true masterminds of Hollywood lie not in front but behind the camera. The directors, the true masters of the scene, control the public’s minds with their virtuosity of the cinema. Horror films have made an extreme impact on the general public.
Alfred Hitchcock, the beginning, created the genre of horror, and invoked a new poisonous fear in the country. Hitchcock set the stage for others after his movies, Psycho and The Birds, took the country by surprise. These movies inspired others to follow their own ideals, such as Wes Craven, George Romero, and Steven Spielberg. These directors created an intense, fabricated reality to which its audience can escape and relate to. These directors were immortalized by their fil...

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...realistic. These symptoms affect a large amount of the population, and create a serious problem. Horror movies are supposed to make its audience’s palms sweat and heart beat fast; however, the intention is not for its audience to experience chest pains. In truth, it shows the affect horror movies have on its audience.
In the end, the general public looks to the makers of Hollywood, the stars and the directors, to usher in a new perspective as well as an introduction to a new look of the world. No other part of the entertainment industry is as illuminating as the horror industry is in America. This sect of Hollywood owes its creation to the masterminds of infinite accomplishments; many of the intriguing movies and stories that the general public has come to adore are based upon true events; and many health problems in America are caused by these horror flicks.
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