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Homeless Experience The day came, when we were leaving to drive all of the way to California for a mission trip. I was excited to get a new experience serving the homeless, but was a little nervous. The first couple of days we served food to the homeless at a homeless shelter. It was very humbling to see how grateful they were for the meal they were provided. In the evening we got the opportunity to hand out sack lunches on the street. I gave my lunch to a young homeless lady. The attitude of the lady surprised me so much, I was able to have a spiritual conversation with her for over an hour. It was truly amazing to see that someone who has nothing in life is so humble and can still believe in God. The next evening, after serving…show more content…
This was the last thing I wanted to do. After only begging for half an hour, we were approached by a cop and told to get off the streets because someone had complained that we were pan handling. At this moment I had lost all hope in getting food or water. We were tired from not getting any sleep the night before, and starving from not eating all day. With no ideas left, we decided to walk all the way back to the park with the little energy we had left. It was a breaking point for me when I saw so many people walk by with a judgmental look and no compassion for my tired and exhausted face. All I thought was that everyone who passed me could hand me a quarter which could quickly add up to something I could eat. It's amazing how selfish and rude we can be to those who have nothing. This was definitely not the mission trip I was expecting. Instead of serving the homeless…. we became the homeless. This was an experience that changed my perspective on life. I was only homeless for a day, yet complained as if it was forever. This experience truly humbled me when I realized that there are so many people who live like this every single day of their life, not knowing where their next meal will come from. I'm so blessed that I was able to experience the homeless life for a day. This experience made me appreciate my life, and has made me stay humble, and continue serving

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