Examples Of Heroism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Why do you think To Kill a Mockingbird has become a classic of modern literature? Harper Lee: a brilliant observer, an eloquent novelist. Despite the first publication of To Kill a Mockingbird, which goes way back into the 1960’s, Lee’s provocatively written novel continues to be classified as a classic of modern literature today. The reason being is that the context of the novel is presented in such an impeccable manner, varying its notable use of dialects and language features. Furthermore, readers were enthralled by Lee’s every word as it covered the sensitive issue of both social and racial discrimination as its central focus, a very relatable topic adapted till this day. Through the clever narration of a 6 year old protagonist, To Kill a Mockingbird introduced its readers to the coexistence of evil with innocence as well as exposed human nature’s controversial aspect of heroism. All this, combined with its already-compelling storyline, is what set the unbeatable bar of modern literature’s true definition of ‘classic.’ First and foremost, a distinctive trait contributing to the classic reputation of To Kill a Mockingbird is Lee’s use of an extensive range of dialects and language features. Scout, the narrator, used advanced vocabulary and expressions which is highly unusual for a 6 year old in today’s society. The similes she used, such as “Miss Maudie’s voice was like the voice of God, (pg?)” and the metaphors, “Maycomb County in summer: a balloon with no air (Pg?),” vividly opened the mind of the readers to a whole new world. A world where they are able to feel, hear, smell and touch whatever, wherever and whoever it is that Scout is directing them towards. The book itself revolved around the concept of metaphor whereby... ... middle of paper ... ...ed occurred in Maycomb, whereby the white people were always looked up to whilst the black people were always left stepped down upon. Through the minor cases of discrimination which are still present in today’s world, the readers are able to relate with the ethical value acquired from the novel. The ethics of not letting an individual’s skin colour influence judgement nor let it cause division and stand in the way of peace. Lee had tremendously touched the hearts and opened the conscience of her readers by not only comprising a piece of text that layers a sensitive issue but by also presenting it in such a way that provokes a strong reaction, therefore making it a classic of modern literature. Moreover, To Kill a Mockingbird is reknowned for outlining and studying several aspects of humanity, a further reason why it is a classic of modern literature. (Unfinished)
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