Examples Of Heroism In Odyssey

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Sing in me Muse, of the cunning and clever, the wise and shrewd, the clueless and proud, the ingenious and those thirsty for glory. Do you ever wonder if a physique is not the only thing that personifies a true hero? Male heroes who conquer every enemy and beast with the power of physical strength and determination receive admiration by the masses, all while maintaining humility. Yet the meaning of a heroine does not fall underneath the words “athletic ability” in the dictionary but underneath wiliness, endurance, and faithfulness. Although women portray themselves as the weaker sex, with their small builds and conventional domestic expectations, we must use our loyalty, compassion, endurance, and wit to embark on the journey of heroism, fraught with insufferable trials and unnoticed conquers.
A great heroine does not ruin her image and identity by doing acts of infidelity; instead they exert compassion and loyalty. Traditionally, a woman may marry another after a long absence of their husbands. With this opportunity laying in front of me, I chose to believe that one day Odysseus will return—though it's been well over twenty years. Hundreds of suitors try to court me over my beauty, as they say; yet no one compares to my great heavyhearted husband. I cry bitterly every night over my husband, who I believe faced death with blue lips and a heart of passion. (CITATION) With the thought of death being buried deep into my cerebellum, determination to be loyal and pursue a life with no courtship until my one true love returns continues to grow. I continue to reject any suggestions of betraying Odysseus when a chance of him being alive gets whispered in Ithaca. My life does not need to be improved or made happier by remarriage; instea...

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...anaged to obtain the truth. Once a heroine recognizes the need to continuously analyze, they will gain traits that help improve their stance as a heroine.
As the struggle to compete with the conventional idea of heroism grows, a virtuous heroine exhibits the willing determination to be loyal and compassionate, all while using wit to bear the tormenting suffering of life. By demonstrating these traits, I prove to be a heroine who symbolizes power and worth of remembrance. Fighting against the role of a dominant male hero in a patriarchal society becomes extremely challenging if you are a woman. Through endurance and devotion, I am seen as an exceptionally intelligent woman who takes advantage of any troubling situation, all while maintaining a hold in social norms. By never giving up on my beliefs and hopes, I represent a figure worthy of admiration and heroism.
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