Examples Of Gothic Elements In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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The Gothic genre is something people would describe as creepy, evil, or immoral. This kind of literature seems to interest a lot of people, yet creep some people out because of it’s twisted ideas. For a story to be considered Gothic it should fall under some of many components, such as unexpected endings, supernatural, madness, death, murder, crime, etc. A story by Shirley Jackson “The Lottery” is about a rural small town in which they conduct an annual lottery, little do readers fail to realize in the beginning is it’s not an exciting event. Everyone from the town gathers, takes a slip from a box and whoever gets the black dot gets stoned to death. The story “The Lottery” by Jackson falls under the category Gothic because of it’s misleading…show more content…
This leads to the unexpected and twisted ending, which is whoever picks the paper with the black dot has to get stoned to death. Death is also included in one of the main components of a Gothic story. Tessie says, you didn’t give him time enough to take any paper he wanted. I saw you. It wasn’t fair! (Jackson 5). Tessie begins to argue with Mr. Summers because she doesn’t want Bill to die, and he gives them another try. This time Tessie is then chosen, and she is the one who gets stoned to death. “The Lottery” is viewed as Gothic because of it’s misleading plot, and its needless violence…show more content…
It contains many elements in which most Gothic stories do, as in the author tricking the readers, foreshadowing, death, and the author critiquing negative aspects in their society. In the beginning, Jackson deceives the audience by the way she presents the town. It looks like it’s a regular rural town about to host some kind of raffle, when in reality they’re choosing someone to die because it’s an “annual tradition”. The town is following a tradition they don’t really know about and not even questioning. Jackson is critiquing by saying that they’re like sheep blindly following the crowd. The fact that there is death involved for no legitimate reason also makes it Gothic, it’s just needless violence going on. Throughout the story there are many points of foreshadowing which present some evidence that the lottery isn’t something to be excited

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