Examples Of Gender Stereotyping

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Review of Literature I- Introduction-Gender Stereotyping Many people wonder daily why gender stereotyping happens. It happens in different ways for different people of different genders. But all gender stereotypes have one thing in common: they are usually not kind for either gender. Gender stereotyping is very common in females, with people giving them expectations on who they are supposed to be or how they are supposed to act. This is very demeaning for most women because they do not want to be or act this way, and they feel pressured to do so. One of the most common reasons that gender stereotypes happen amongst women is so that they can “fit in with society.” This means that people compare these women with others that are more “women-like” and expect them to act alike. When people do this, they are expecting the woman to change so that she can fit the expectation of society. But most times she will not, and will start to become an outcast. This is one of the stepping stones of stereotyping. One of the main reasons that gender stereotypes exist are so that women can…show more content…
One of the most common examples is that “men should be doctors, not nurses, because they should be in charge.” The meaning of this stereotype is crystal clear. It means that men should be the ones that tell the nurses how to help patients, and that they should be the ones performing the major surgeries. With this stereotype, this gives men more power over the women. Another thing that this stereotype represents is that in these cases men should be the ones telling the women (or the nurses) what they are supposed to do. This is something that is not correct because many women are very talented doctors, and many men are also talented nurses. So if they are good at their jobs, they should stick to what they are good at. There are also many more male stereotypes, but again, these are two very common and substantial
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