Examples Of Gender Discrimination In India

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University 401 I grew up in a traditional society where gender discrimination become common practice in day to day life. By growing up in these situations I blindly followed gender discrimination without knowing the facts. Still, gender discrimination of girls continues in some parts of India like Orissa and Bihar. India is a rapidly developing country, but still dowry system and child marriages continues. The main reason for child marriages are parents feel girls as a burden to their families. If they encourage girls’ education they have to give more dowry for their marriages
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But in most of the western countries men and women are equal and they can make their own decisions. Parents will encourage girls for education or else if they show interest in any field they will accept their choice. If parents do not encourage their daughters for education, employment opportunities decreases, which affect the economic position of the country. The situation in most of the developed countries is different. Women are allowed to do any kind of work and they get equal pay with men. Discrimination leads to Poverty because of less opportunities in each and every field for women in India. So discrimination has to be completely eradicated by implementing new laws. Then the poverty will be reduced and economic position of the country…show more content…
I came to realize to know that women can compete with men in all aspects. In India I worked for Amazon in my company I have a colleague Swapna as she is a woman and came from a rural background. Every employee in the office thought that she could not succeed in her employment life, because she was a woman. But one day in the conference everyone gave a demo about a project unfortunately no one got selected. But Swapna project was selected because of her hardworking and skills. I was shocked and realized that anyone either women or men will get success if they have knowledge. I though women can do wonders if they get equal opportunities with men. Dowry system still continues in India. Because of dowry system the rate of child deaths increases because poor people cannot afford dowry to grooms family. So by eradicating gender discrimination India can achieve development and also the economic position of the country will increase. By giving equal chances to women the rate of unemployment and poverty decreases. I hope within a less period India will be reduced gender discrimination by implementing new laws for women. Parents also aware of child marriages and dowry system so that society will develop in these backward
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