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Dube 1 Visham Dube Professor Manya Steinkoler English Film 321 10/04/2017 Enmity exists in humanity but hardly lasts forever, since it may at some point generate friendship. Some of the factors that contribute to poor relationships among individuals include jealousy, financial problems, political divisions, and racial disparities. However, in some instances, the enmity may transform into friendship, and this leads to reconciliation among the disagreeing groups. The theme is depicted in the film “Catch me if you Can” in various ways. Primarily, the marriage to Frank’s parents that was once blossoming crumbles after a divorce. In another scenario, Frank’s friendship to Brenda also turns to enmity when he realizes that she was up to flushing…show more content…
Human interactions around the world have also been marred by various issues and in some instances; it has ended up resulting in permanent enmity. Marital problems for instance, have been on the increase in the past years and most of them have ended up with separation. Individuals who took the scared vows to be together forever began turning against each other. For instance, the number of divorce cases that have been reported in the past decade across the globe are alarming. Some of these individuals carry on with their bitterness after their separation. Apparently, this is a perfect example of permanent enmity, and this is evident in the film. Frank’s parents divorced when financial problems set in the family and this turns the once good friends into enemies. The family ends up losing their home after the investigations by the IRS on his father’s financial affairs, and this further deepens the hatred between the couple. This shows that in as much as a friendship may last it may in some occasions collapse and turns to permanent enmity due to different marital issues. In the modern society, the enmity between various criminal gangs and the security agencies have also been on the rise and this is expected to continue escalating in the future. Some of these groups include criminals and terrorists. Terrorists, for instance, focus on ensuring that…show more content…
In the U.S. and various countries across Europe, issues of racial and religious discrimination have been reported, and this has ended up resulting in enmity between the victimized groups and those driving the social injustice issues. Religious prejudices around the world have further increased tensions, anger, and hate. The decision by the U.S. president to ban individuals from some of the Islamic nations from traveling into the country, for instance, led to outcry, divisions, and hatred. Factors such as marginalization of specified regions and gender disparity have also sparked a lot of hate within communities and nations at large, and this shows that enmity may in some occasions end up being a permanent aspect of the everyday human lives. In the film, the bad relationship that exists between parents is sparked by lack of finances that makes it hard for the family to meet its daily needs. Despite the existence of hatred and enmity around the world, in some cases, it has ended up transforming

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