Examples Of Friendship In 12 Years A Slave

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12 Years A Slave--- Human Relation and his Courage “To those who can hear me, I say - do not despair." These words were said in 1940 by a bravery person called Chaplin who made a speech about freedom. The witticism is connected to the main character in the novel called 12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup. He wrote up about his real life in 1853. It is true that relationships are part of his identity give him strength. For one thing, the relationship between Solomon and white people who are in the Northern States. In the second place, he never forgets himself such as his position and family in the Northern States. Last, around people, who are in the Southern States, cooperate him. First of all, his connection with people who are in the Northern…show more content…
He says, “my ancestors on the paternal side were slaves in Rhode Island. –On the death of this gentleman, which must have occurred some fifty years ago, my father became free, having been emancipated by a direction in his will”(Northup 5). It proves him to inherit his spirit from his father because he knows how his father leads a tough life and how glad his father realizes when he converts free. Also, the experience makes him keep having the strong feeling that he tries to escape from the situation of the slave. Next, when Herny B. Northup, a white attorney in the Northern States, comes and identifies Solomon for helping. At the time he says, “I heard the words, ‘the says Solomon Northup,’ and ‘the deponent further says,’ and ‘free citizen of New-York,’ repeated frequently” (94). The occurrence is recognized that he has a position in the Northern States because if he does not be a high position person, Herny may not perceive him. Furthermore, he can keep his stable spirit the reason why his relationship with Henry. He tries to write a letter to Herny and wait for a long time so it means in his mind, he most trusts Herny that he rescue Solomon and this indicates, he can…show more content…
Firstly, when he is caught to be a slave by Burch, he says, “I asserted, aloud and boldly, that I was a freeman- a resident of Saratoga, where I had a wife and children” (12). It shows the relationship between him and his family and in addition, he does not fail to remember who he is because he really most loves and believes them so their memories make him perceptional that he wants to return his house. Later on, when he goes to bed in his owner’s house, he is thinking about his family and he says, “my thoughts, as usual, wandered back to my wife and children. The consciousness of my real situation; the hopelessness of any effort to escape through the wide forests of Avoyelles, pressed heavily upon me, yet my heart was at home in Saratoga” (29). He makes himself rousing by his family that he tries to go back to his home because he has most important people in his life and the recollections of his wife and children make him that he never gives up to turn a free man from a slave. Third, even so he is caught to be a slave, he still admits there is an escape hatch. He says, “I was heart sick and discouraged. Thoughts of my family, of my life and children, continually occupied my mind. – Still my spirit was not broken. I indulged the anticipation of escape, and that speedily. It was impossible, I reasoned, that men could be so unjust as to detain me as a slave, when the truth of my was known” (14). It shows his

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