Examples Of Friendship And Forgiveness Essay

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Stories on Friendship and Forgiveness

Want your child to master the art of forgiveness? Read on to find inspiring stories to learn to forgive and address conflicts with friends.

Friends are such an integral part of your child's life that they will shape his future character, more than you do as parents - the latest research says. Your child's friends mean a lot to her and only by interacting with her friends, she gains important social skills and learns to address conflicts. Conflicts are part-and-parcel of everyday life, but a child who has mastered the art of managing conflicts tends to be happier and better at school.

Elementary age children often lock horns for simple reasons that may seem silly to an adult's eye. They do it because
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Young children's verbal fight may quickly escalate to a physical fight. And when that happens, your child's friendship deteriorates quickly too. Tell the story of Sands of Forgiveness, so that your child can learn to forgive his hurting friend.

The Sands of Forgiveness
Two friends went on a long journey across a desert. Due to the severe heat and extreme thirst, tension started running high between the friends. They had an argument, and one friend slapped his other friend quite hard in the face. The stunned friend just took a stick and wrote the below lines in the sand: TODAY MY BEST FRIEND SLAPPED ME IN THE FACE. They continued on without talking to each other.

They soon came upon an oasis brimming with clear water. They quenched their thirst and decided to go for a swim. The friend who was at the receiving end of the slap before stuck his legs in a swamp while swimming. As he was struggling to free himself, his friend came to the rescue and helped him out of the water. He thanked his friend profusely and carved the below lines in a rock: TODAY MY BEST FRIEND SAVED MY
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* Why did they start fighting in the first place? Point out tiredness, hunger and thirst can play tricks with their mind.
* Ask him to point out some good deeds that his friend has done for him.

2. Another common scenario for conflicts is when your child's best friend ignores her. With the Panchatantra story of the Hermit and the Mouse, you can educate her that there is more to a story than what meets the eye.

The Hermit and the Mouse
An old sage lived in a temple in the city of Mahilaropyam. He cleaned and took good care of the temple. He would go to the city every day to seek charity from kind-hearted people. He usually received more than what he could eat. Even after he shared the food with the poor, he was left with a substantial leftover that he kept it in a bowl near him. The food attracted mice living in the temple. The frustrated sage hung the food bowl high above the ground. But a clever mouse found a way to jump and reach the food. The sage continuously banged his bowl with a long stick to make loud noises that would keep the mouse at

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