Examples Of Foreshadowing In The Landlady

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The Landlady Roald Dahl’s realistic fiction story “The Landlady” takes place at Bath London, and a Bed and Breakfast. In the story a seventeen year old boy needs a place to stay and he meets the Landlady but she doesn't turn out how he thought. By using foreshadowing and word choice in the story Dahl creates the lesson that trust is something that develops over time. An important lesson the author tries to get across is trust. Billy puts his trust in the landlady when he barely knows her and trust is something to be developed over time. This trust is unexpected as the landlady does not present to be a normal person. One example of this is “Now, the fact that his landlady appeared…show more content…
The landlady is crazy and most people see that, even Billy sees it but he doesn't see why it is a problem. Examples from the text are “There were only two other entries above his on the page- from two years ago. - But my dear boy, he never left. He’s still here. Mr.Temple is also here. They’re on the third floor, both of them together.” This is showing foreshadowing because it is showing that they are “trapped” there and that is most likely going to happen to him too. Another way the author showed trust should be developed over time is the word choice used in the passage. Word choice is used to help persuade you to figure out what is going to happen. An example from the text is “Now, the fact that his landlady appeared to be slightly off her rocker didn’t worry Billy in the least. After all, she was not only harmless – there was no question about that – but she was also quite obviously a kind and generous soul.” By the author saying this it makes you think that she might not be crazy but it also makes you think will something happen to him because he knows she is crazy but is not bothered by it. Roald Dahl helps create the theme trust should be developed over time by using different craft moves such as foreshadowing and word
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