Examples Of Family Dynamics In Hamlet

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The term family dynamics is associated with the way a family unit relates with one another. Individual roles and their effects upon each member. In Hamlet, Sophocles Antigone, Death Of A Salesman, and Here Today all authors apply the theme family dynamics in a unique form. Family Dynamics set the layout for our lives, but as individuals we make the dominant decisions that control our future.

In “Hamlet” Claudius the King of Denmark kills his own brother King Hamlet. Queen Gertrude who is King Hamlet’s ex wife and Hamlet Prince Of Denmarks mother later goes on and gets remarried to Claudius which is extremely awkward. Hamlet is full of envy for his Uncle’s conniving character and disgusted in his mothers sexual desire. Gertrude completely loves Hamlet but she is a frail woman who seeks affection and status rather than integrity or truth. The ghost of King Hamlet calls her his “most seeming virtuous queen” he then tells Hamlet to “Leave her to Heaven, and to those thorns that in her bosom lodge to prick and sting her.” Indicating she has reason to be found at fault, that she is not innocent. Hamlet is awfully upset with his mother for marrying his uncle immediately without hesitation, and he rejects Ophelia a woman he previously “declared to love.” His words generally pinpoint his repulsion and mistrust of women in general. Although Claudius loves Gertrude dearly his logic behind marrying her was to benefit him in winning the throne away from Hamlet following the death of the king. As the play goes on Claudius’s fear of Hamlet’s madness leads him to an even higher state when Gertrude notifies him about Hamlet killing Polonius. Claudius does not mention Gertrude’s danger, but only he would of been in trouble had he been in the room...

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... to find a place for herself at home, at school, and in Spectacular. In the spring, Ellie travels to New York City for a surprise visit with her mother. Secretly, Ellie hopes this journey will reunite the Dingmans but instead, Ellie finds that her mother has both physically and emotionally distanced herself from the family. Realizing that she no longer fits into her mother's life, Ellie reinvents the meaning of “family” and “normal.” Although their marriage has dissolved, Ellie grows closer to her father, brother, and sister.

Family Dynamics come in many different ways especially depending on your background, throughout history many various families have interacted with each other a million different ways. Authors Shakespeare, Sophocles, Author Miller, and Ann Martin all define family dynamics in a unique manner showing how we interact with each other.
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