Examples Of Fallacies In Real Life

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Logical Fallacies in Real Life In today’s society, fallacies are all around us either in politics, television, radio or even picking up an old fashion newspaper. They can be misleading and may cause bad judgement if they are not evaluated property. Some can even fool you because the argument may have a valid point, but the point does not lead to the correct conclusion. When I was a young child my world was black and white with no room for gray spheres of interference. In my household we never had discussions of where our food was coming from other than our weekly trips to the grocery store which mainly consisted of “What kind of chips do you want this week?” or “Do we really need seven pounds of hamburger meat?” Even as I became older…show more content…
Animals wanted to die and by me eating them I gave them a way out of their pain and suffering. I thought that maybe they went in their sleep and the deaths were peaceful and silent. I whole heartily believed in this illusion until one day when I had turned on the television I see a completely new whole at hand. Pure white feathers as white as a fresh blanket of snow covered in bright red almost electric blood smearing the floor below it. This was my lunch, and dinner was in the slaughter house waiting for her turn not even knowing where she is going or how this will end. Turkeys with broken necks, still breathing, watching, waiting for hope of their savior, a rotating saw that would finish the job. This was my Thanksgiving, my Christmas, my Saturday, my week, my life. My life I was living, I was nothing but an accomplice to murder. In ninety minutes my world had changed from a crystal chandelier to a foggy windshield on a rainy day. I can never un-see what I had witnessed that day in fact I still experience nightmares and visions of what I saw. I now know that meat is a sacrifice that only they will know. Every life has some meaning whether it be to someday become the leader of the free world or to eat, get so fat that you can break your legs, be killed systematically and feed one family. The biggest cliché that has ever been spoken goes something along the lines of ‘It’s the wheel of life that keeps on spinning. The faster we move
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