Examples Of Dystopia In The Giver

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The society in The Giver by Lois Lowry is fairly broken and messed up. Everyone inside the community thinks that everything is under control and they like living that way, because they don’t know any other way to live. To them they live in the perfect world, a utopia. To everyone outside of the community it is a dystopia. They are controlled immensely. There are a few reasons why the community is a dystopia, they have no choice or freedom, and they don’t know what color, music, real emotion, and feelings are.

The community in the giver has no freedom, they are controlled by everything. They don’t know the true meaning of choice. They wake up to live another plain day with no choice. They don’t know what the feeling of choice is. They don’t
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Nobody in the community knows what feelings or real, deep emotion is. They can’t live with music or color. They live in a bland community where everybody wears the same things. They live in a world of different shades of grey. They don’t have seasons, what would life be like without summer? Summers without sun wouldn’t be a problem in their community either because they have no weather. “‘What did you perceive?’ The Giver asked. ‘warmth’, Jonas replied, ‘and happiness’. ‘And--- let me think. Family. And something else--- I can’t quite get the word for it’. ‘It will come to you’. ‘Who were the old people? Why were they there?’ It had puzzled Jonas, seeing them in the room. The Old of the community did not ever leave there special place, the House of the Old, where they were so well cared for and respected. ‘They were called Grandparent.’ ‘Grand parents’” (123)? In this quote about Christmas Jonas learns more about family and being together, joyful. It’s sad that the community does not have anything special such as Christmas. Jonas learned the new concept (to him), of grandparents. He thinks grandparents are special but he doesn’t have real parents. At this point in the book Jonas understands real emotion and feeling for someone else, such as loving your family members, and he longs for that…show more content…
While reading The Giver, the community gives off a sense of control over everybody. As the book goes on form chapter to chapter, more rules and control are discovered. The people in charge chose for the whole community what everyone should wear, what everyone should eat, what children should learn in school, what to think, ect. From morning to night, any citizen from the community is being controlled. Everything they do in a day gets controlled. From what time to wake up all the way from the time they go to bed. “‘Jonas has not been assigned,’she informed the crowd, and his heart sank. Then she went on. ‘Jonas has been selected...Jonas has been selected to be our next Receiver of Memory’” (60). The community controls what job you have for the rest of your life until you enter the House of the Old. Jonas, who eventually finds out about how controlled everybody is, decides to leave. Anybody would want to leave that community after the truth was unleashed because they would realize how controlled they are. The community kills babies and old people too. They kill them because it’s part of the process of sameness, which is also another way everything is
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