Examples Of Diversity In A Comic Book

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Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The concept behind that saying has grown vastly over the past decades and has gradually developed into a very deep statement. It became a powerful quote that depicts the fault in judging something or someone for the first time. Racial inequality has been a growing problem world wide and with the development in propaganda, notions and beliefs about race and its diversity in entertainment have been viewed negatively by society in innumerable ways. Race refers to a category of people who share particular physical characteristics that are inherited such as facial features, stature and skin color. Racism has been an undying issue for as long has human beings have been around, people have always hated or feared people…show more content…
Over time, comics have grown to be much more popular than expected, no mater how supernatural or unrealistic these superheroes and superpowers appear, the tend to reflect the real world and its society. Comic books emulate the society they are formed in. A small change in the diversity of comic books can surprisingly have a large impact on the perspectives of several people about racial discrimination. However in some cases, the authors might utterly fail in attempting to bring out diversity in a comic book which may just lead to more a negative viewpoint from society and its readers. Take the example of “The Punisher”, a modern day white superhero who wakes up after his surgery to be African American. Why? The doctor supposedly used a substance called melanin which darkened his skin and altered his facial features. This is an example of an extremely poor attempt to to add diversity to a comic book. It’s astonishingly shallow and just adds to such a peculiar plot development. To make it even worse, The Punisher’s pigment change rapidly wears off after a few issues and eventually arrived with the final issue with the pathetic title of “Fade to White”. A better solution to the lack of diversity in a comic book would to possible attract a more diversified crowd of authors whom might bring about a deeper understanding of different cultures and religions. A white writer may have difficulty designing an Asian character, therefore in order to introduce more diversity, the solution traces back to the source of these comic books; the

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