Examples Of Discrimination In The Workplace

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A man is walking down to his bosses’ office, on his way to pick up his paycheck. As he approaches the door, his boss welcomes him in. His boss hands him his salary. The man thanks him and walks out. As the man looks, he soon realizes that he is paid less than his friend is. He begins to wonder why because he has the same qualifications and he works equally as hard. The man begins to wonder if discrimination against his sexuality is in the question. It is a proven fact that homosexual and bisexual men are paid 10-32 percent less than the average “straight” male. In this essay, the following topics will be discussed: what is discrimination, discrimination in the workplace, discrimination in the general public, how to resolve the issues of discrimination, the negative and even fatal outcomes of discrimination against people of other genders and sexualities, and what to do if a friend or family member shows any signs of these symptoms. How would one define discrimination? In the dictionary, discrimination is defined as, “ to make a difference in…show more content…
Anton Marino says, “…fueled the unequal treatment of a not just transgender person, but also female, lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. As a result, the use of public workplace restrooms, one of the last spaces segregated on the basis of a sexual binary, has created glaring psychological and physical harms for members of the transgender community. Moreover, because the discrimination faced by members of the transgender community is indelibly connected to the issues of gender and sex, workplace bathroom use and sex-specific workplace attire emphasize how innate identity and the way others perceive the trans-identity are in direct conflict. …Use of a restroom is an inherent part of one’s identity. Thus, transgender individuals’ workplaces have developed into battlegrounds on which the fight for transgender equality has, in large part, been disastrous” (Marino
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